Ok, you get your raspberry pi up and running but like any fresh install of raspbian, the default user is pi and the password is also default (and known by the entire community). So, it’s time to change that user to your favorite username (and a new password). Create a temporary sudo user On the […]

It’s nice to have acces to a +200m2 workshop and hackerspace to make a lot of projects, but sometimes I have small things to make at home. Because of a modest flat and the arrival of my little baby, I had to free some space for her bedroom. So I planned to build a wooden structure over […]

Ok, it’s my first attend to make an usb charger. The original idea was to have more than 1A at 5V. One limitation is the DC-DC buck converter, which can’t handle more than 3A. Here is the schematic: The bill of materials: 1x DC jack barrel 1x DC-DC buck converter (http://cgi.ebay.com/itm/200957000302) 1x Red LED 1x […]

From time to time, I have decided to do some small projects during only one weekend. Here is my first weekend project, and also my first post in english. For this first project, I choose to make an hammock because I wanted for a while. But due to « weight » constraint :/, I couldn’t make it […]