Project: Small home workshop

It’s nice to have acces to a +200m2 workshop and hackerspace to make a lot of projects, but sometimes I have small things to make at home. Because of a modest flat and the arrival of my little baby, I had to free some space for her bedroom. So I planned to build a wooden structure over a single table. On this table, I make some scale models, electronics, small wood working and 3D printing assemblies.

Using SketchUp, I designed the structure with 2 shelves to organize tools and material storage, support for white led strips, power strips, and 2 wood panels to be a tool board.


SketchUp design


I made this with cheap pine strip boards from a local hardware store.

After hours spent to make mortises and tenons, that was my first experience doing mortises and tenons with a chisel, it was not perfect but enough for me.

Dry assembly


After disassembled it and brought it back home, the installation started.





To hide the future mess of all my stuff, I added some curtains.


Curtains open when hacking


When closed, it’s pretty clean


And finally, I brought more light with help of 2 white led strips.


It’s a really bright place to work


Such a big mess after setting up the led strips

In bonus I attached a small lcd monitor to use with a Raspberry pi in the future.


LCD monitor, multimeter and soldering station

Now, I really like to hack on my small corner ;)

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